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"Joining Aaron's (Harden The Fat Up Fitness) BootyCamp is the best decision I have made.

I started off with a mindset to simply lose weight, but with the tips and discussions I received from Aaron, I realized that training and eating well is about health, energy and enjoying the journey.

Since starting I've lost quite a bit of weight while still eating real food and having my cheat meals here and there maybe more than I need to haha.

We get pushed to our limits every session, but I still manage to look forward to the next session which means, Aaron is doing something right!
The variety of our Bootycamp's are super awesome too, no two sessions are the same

It doesn't matter what age you are or fitness level, Aaron will help you achieve your goals."


— Chrissy, 37



"Aaron's Bootycamp has been amazing. It has pushed me harder than I thought I could go and I've seen results that I wasn't getting on my own. Such a fun environment and you feel such a sense of accomplishment after each session! If you want to see results just do it! After having a baby I didn't think I could get my fitness back but with the help from Aaron and the girls at bootycamp it has been easy and I'm feeling stronger and more confident than ever! Thanks"

- Bridie S


"I'm Kristie, I'm 27 years old.
The photo on the left was taken on the 26-7-16 and the photo on the right was taken today the 23-2-17.

The girl on the left was overweight, suffered from extreme anxiety, was constantly on a "diet", hated exercise and used to fake a smile every day.

The girl on the right, is happy and getting fitter every day, she still has anxiety but is no longer on medication, enjoys exercise, eats healthy and doesn't use the term diet anymore, and doesn't feel the need to fake a smile anymore because honestly, you can't wipe the smile off her face (Unless it's 5am and she has resting bitch face, sorry ladies)

I just wanted to share this because honestly, I wouldn't of come this far without joining my first ever bootcamp. I feel inspired and motivated!!"

- Kristie, 27



"I have now completed 1 and a half Harden The Fat Up fitness bootycamp's with Aaron and it has been a great decision for myself. Unfortunately due to health reasons I was unable to complete the full second bootycamp. However, not only has the bootycamp and our coach pushed and supported myself to reach my physical fitness goals it has also given me a mental strength and something to look forward to every morning with the encouragement of wonderful friends that have been made along the way.

ROUTINE, If you simply thought "5am, it's too early" you've thought wrong, getting up early is the best part... starting your day early gives you good vibes and energy to get through the day. But what comes with good exercise is good food. We can't say healthy eating is fun but it's the nutrients we need for our mind and body. Yes I can admit I have slipped off the wagon but it's important to remind yourself of your goals and get back to it!

I would highly recommend and encourage woman of all nature to give the Harden The Fat Up bootycamp a go. I am proud of my journey and accomplishments so far through the bootycamps and will not stop here...persistence is key 💪🏽👊🏼 Thanks to Harden The Fat Up fitness I am a much happier and stronger version of myself."

- Constance, 21