Q - What type of exercise will we be doing in the sessions?
A - The focus is to shed unwanted body fat & the best way to do so is HIIT, which includes getting your heart rate high, through high intensity cardio & strength.


C - I want to do this but I'm unfit and I'm not sure I'm ready.
A - It doesn't matter what fitness level you're currently at. I have found the most unfit members who have done my challenges are the ones who enjoy and benefit most as a lot of them thought they couldn't do it & see huge improvements.


C - This sounds great but I would be too tired during the day as the start time is so early.
A - I was also worried about how early it was for my first challenge but I was blown away by everyone saying how much more energy they had during the day and how much they now loved training at the early times.

C - I haven't trained for a long time and I'm nervous about starting, everyone in your challenges looks so fit.
A - Let me assure you that I have all types of fitness levels in my challenges and that's what's so great about it. Whether you're super fit or super unfit everyone encourages each other and there is a great team spirit.