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Our sessions are suitable for all fitness levels, you go at your own pace & push yourself to your own limits as the coaches guide you.

The sessions include a variety of different training styles including: Boxing, Kickboxing, Booty, PUMP, Pilates, Bootcamp, HIIT & Strength just to name a few.

The benefits include:

Fat loss, Toning up, Increase general fitness, Improve overall health, Boost self esteem & confidence, sense of well being & purpose, Make friends with like minded people.



5/25 Wilson st, Royal park, 5014


About sessions

These sessions include a variety of training styles such as Boxing, Kickboxing, Strength & HIIT just to name a few.

Whether you're looking for fat loss, toning up or just general fitness, these sessions will help you achieve your personal goals.

All fitness levels welcome.